Band Parent Handbook


This handbook was written by the Director of Bands of the George Washington High School Band as an aid to all band parents. Being familiar with its contents will help new members and veterans alike.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. G.W. Band Parent Association
  3. Officers
  4. Committees
  5. The Dixie Classic Band Competition
  6. Chaperones
  7. Support Staff
  8. Conclusion



The G.W. Band Parent Association is the parent support group to all of the Band programs at George Washington High School. It consists of any individual that expresses a desire to work to promote the wellness of the program and provide opportunities for the students to experience positive activities in our school atmosphere, community, and on the road. Each parent is encouraged to become a member of the Band Parent Association to support their child and provide the needed assistance to the Band program that must be present in order for the Band to operate according to the standards that have been established in the past. This handbook is designed to introduce you to the executive board of officers, the different committees that make up the organization, their jobs and responsibilities, and to provide information about the many jobs, duties, and support group subsets that make up the work force of the Band Parent Association. We ask that every parent make an effort to become involved in some way so that the program will continue to flourish. What better way to know what your child is doing than to become involved in the program!


G.W. Band Parent Association

The parents and friends of the band members at G.W. have for many years maintained the Band Parent Association. The Band Parents have consistently supported the music groups of the department and have rendered invaluable financial aid and parent backing to all the organizations. The success of the band program is due in a large part to the active participation of the Band Parents. The meetings are held the second Thursday of each month in the band room at G.W. beginning at 7:30 p.m. Membership dues for each individual are $5.00 per year. A constitution is used to guide and control the purposes of the group and officers are elected annually to provide this leadership.



The G.W. Band Parent Association is run by an executive board of officers that follows a set of guidelines as stated in the official bylaws of the Band Parent Corporation. The following is a list of the executive office, and the duties and responsibilities of the position.

PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT ELECT - Conduct meetings, oversee committees, organizes specific functions of the Club, and works directly with the Director of Bands.

VICE PRESIDENT - Oversees operations in President’s absence. Is in charge of the organization of raising money through fundraising projects, and any other ways and means of building the treasury.

SECRETARY - Takes the minutes at all meetings, maintains membership roll, meeting notices, letters and thank-you notes as instructed by the President.

TREASURER - Receives, deposits, and records all Band Parent money. Also pays the bills. The Treasurer also provides a monthly statement to the Band Parent Association that shall consist of all the transactions that have occurred during the month with an accurate account and balance of the club’s finances. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO THE G.W. Band Parents!

DIRECTOR OF BANDS - The director of Bands organizes all functions of the Band. This individual works to present the year’s activities to the Band Parent Association so that funds can be raised, and support can be given to the student.



There are many committees that make up the organization of the Band Parent Association. These committees work to provide a service to the band and require manpower from you as parents and supporters to operate. Each committee has a chairperson or persons that put together the schedules for the committee and maintains communication amongst its members. Below you will find a listing of all committee groups within the Band Parent Association and the responsibilities of each.


Fundraising plays an important role in the band by providing necessary funding for trips, supplies, equipment, and the maintenance of band needs that are not met through the school’s budget. The fundraising committee assists with the organization and distribution of all fundraising projects that are used in the band program. The students in the band are divided into teams that have a parent TEAM CAPTAIN who collects the orders, calls them in to the committee chairperson, and collects all money for the project by the scheduled dates. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that the student is turning in orders and monies on time and assists with the distribution of all fundraising items. The following fundraisers are used by the band throughout the year and is headed by a chairperson: Biscuits, Fruit Pies, Sausage and Cheese, Brunswick Stew, Candy, and other small projects as they come up during the school year.


Publicity is a very important aspect of any organization that provides services for the community. The publicity coordinator advertises all concerts, programs, and notifies the media of news and happenings within the band program.


Another method of revenue for the band is the sale of Football programs. The Band Parent Association is in charge of organizing and distributing the program at all home football games. The committee works to secure advertisements that pay for the program and sell the programs at football games.


The Hospitality committee provides decorations and refreshments for all concerts and Band Parent programs. The committee also assists with the organization of Band Camp activities, social events, and the end of the year band banquet.



The Dixie Classic is the largest fundraising project sponsored by the Band Parent Association. It is an annual Band competition held on the G.W. campus on the fourth Saturday of September. This is a full day of work for the entire band and the Band Parent Association. The primary goals of the Dixie Classic are to put on a well-run contest, host many visitors to our city, and to make lots of money. The Classic is organized by a chairperson and many parent volunteers are needed to work in each of the following areas on this day:


The Concessions committee work to provide food and beverages in the concession stand all day during the contest. This is a very busy area that brings in the most revenue during this day. Workers prepare, cook, and sell food and drink items to the spectators during the event.


The trophy committee works to secure donations and contributions from the community for all of the trophies and plaques that are presented to the participating bands. Most of the work here requires solicitation from the public prior to the contest.


Workers here maintain the order of traffic on our campus during the contest day. Duties include monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of the campus and specifically, parking buses and equipment trucks of the visiting bands. The traffic committee also works in conjunction with the stadium committee to carry out their responsibilities.


The stadium committee is in charge of taking care of the stadium. This includes moving tables for judges, trophies, and concessions, setting up the field for competition, cleanup after the contest, and moving the equipment of the bands to and from the field.


The ticket committee sells and distributes tickets in advance and throughout the day of the contest.


The Finance committee is in charge of counting and recording all monies collected during the competition. Deposits are made to the bank, and official reports are made to the Band Parent Association at the conclusion of the contest.


The hospitality committee is in charge of providing lunch, dinner, and refreshments for the judges and visiting band directors during their stay on our campus.


Publicity is in charge of advertising the contest. Many contacts with the media, businesses in the community, and printing of flyers, posters, and banners are some of the responsibilities.


Host parents are individuals that serve as chaperones for the visiting bands while they are on campus. Hosts parents contact the band representative prior to the contest to provide as much assistance to them as needed. Upon the arrival of the band the host greets them and remains with them for the duration of the day. Host parents are also paired with two G.W. band students for assistance and convenience. Host parents also arrange dress and changing times, practice areas, concession times, and stadium seating for the band.


The souvenir committee arranges for the sale of T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, and any other G.W. band material as mementos of the contest.


The tabulation committee is in charge of adding up the scores of the participating bands and recording the results of the contest. These workers are in the press box of the stadium throughout the contest.


This committee is responsible for the organization of the Dixie Classic program. This includes securing ads from local businesses to pay for the program, organizing the layout of the program, and the selling and distribution of the program during the day.


Patrons are supporters that donate money and goods to the Dixie Classic Contest. This committee is set up to solicit funds from the community.


The judges committee is chaired by the Director of Bands. Duties include securing the panel of judges, finding lodging for those that stay overnight, and making their stay in Danville comfortable.



One of the most important jobs in the band program is taking care of our students. On the average, one chaperone is used for every eight students in the band. Parent volunteers are coordinated by the Band Parent Association president and are used for all band events. The duties of chaperones include:

1. Supervising the band room area before and after performances.

2. Walking with the band to and from the football stadium for performances.

3. Carrying jackets, coats, and student supplies.

4. Roping off and covering the bleacher areas for band seating.

5. Being available to offer assistance to band students in need.

6. Spot-checking uniforms, shoes, gloves, etc.

7. Assisting colorguard members with costumes, makeup, hair, etc.

8. Supervising stand behavior at football games and competitions.

9. Riding the buses for competitions and performances.

10. Maintaining order during rest stops, eating establishments, crossing heavy traffic areas, etc.

11. Sell candy, snacks, and drinks on the buses during traveling performances.

12. Supervises dressing rooms to maintain order and respectability at contests and performances.

13. Cheers, supports, encourages positive behavior with all students.

During marching season, the Marching Eagles usually travel to four to six competitions around the East Coast. As a general rule, the band arrives approximately one hour before the designated time of departure. Stops will be made for food and rest depending on the length of the trip. Chaperones will be positioned on each bus to assist in maintaining order throughout the trip with special instructions given by the Director of Bands. Chaperones must be restricted to adults as space is very limited on the buses. Therefore, no children may accompany their parents on the buses (with the exception of children who perform with the band!)

All chaperones and support personnel are required to have medical release forms signed and notarized in order to travel with the band.

On overnight trips, band chaperones are assigned student rooms to monitor and supervise, which includes inspection of rooms for broken and damages articles, the care and security of the students in these room, and maintaining order, curfews, and promptness of schedules.

**A good chaperone:

- Treats students as young adults and has respect for the students and other chaperones.

- Is kind, likeable, and fun to be around.

- Is hardworking.

- Is supportive of all students.

- Is encouraging and complimentary.

- Has the welfare of the band in mind at all times.

- Supports the Director of Bands and the students in all decisions that are made pertaining to the band program.


Support staff


Parents are needed to help move and set up equipment for the marching band. Individuals are needed to:

- Organize and load the equipment truck

- Transport front ensemble equipment (keyboards, drums, podiums, etc.) to the stadium for performances. The students themselves are responsible for setting the equipment in place - parents are only needed to move the equipment to the area and off the truck.

- Replace, repair, move, and set up field props (trees, light posts, backdrops, flats, etc.) Some practice sessions may be needed to perfect this sometimes-awkward task.

-Handle uniform racks and large band equipment.

-Fill, move, and transport drink coolers from bus to bus on trips.

- Drive the equipment truck to and from competitions and away performances


The Band Nurse is an individual with extensive medical knowledge (a licensed professional) who travels with the association to provide simple medical services. He or she is in charge of the medical kit and all medication that belongs to individual students.


There are many other ways that parents may help the band program. There are needs for seamstresses for flags and colorguard uniforms and props, moving equipment, uniform maintenance, and general support. Band parents are encouraged to sit near the band at football games and in the stands at competitions to cheer them on. Please wear your band shirts and other band articles to show your support for our students. Shirts, caps, sweats, etc. can be purchased from the band organization. Please contact the Band Parent Association president in order to purchase these items.



As a general rule of thumb, any individual that wants to be a Band Parent may do so. Our band needs the support of parents and friends to provide positive activities for our children. Become involved in whatever way that you can. Being a Band Parent is hard work, but the rewards are far above the labor that goes into it. Let’s make this organization work for the pride of our community - OUR CHILDREN!!!