Director's Desk

July 1, 2017


Welcome to the start of a new and exciting adventure with the George Washington High School Band Program.  I am happy to serve as the leader of our troop for one more year, and I know that we will all have a terrific time promoting excellence in music and positive activities at George Washington High School.  We have just ended another successful year of musical endeavors, and it is because of the hard work and dedication to making things work that we have been outstanding.  I want to encourage new members and family supporters to help us continue the traditions of excellence that has been so prevalent with our band by becoming involved and interacting with our seasoned members to keep our program alive.  We will travel, perform, learn, and enjoy the experience of being a part of one of the most successful programs in the Danville Public School System.  I invite you to join with me to anticipate another fun filled year of music, and I look forward to meeting you all and educating the musical youth of our community!


- Mr. Purvis, Director of Bands